Vintage Ken

#1000 Boxed straight leg Allan 1964/Stripe beach jacket


#1000 boxed Straight leg Allan with rare version stripe beach jacket. original cellophane bag has no split, including 1963 white booklet and his sandals. missing his wrist tag, his paper inserts are copied by me.


Allan was sold from 1966 in Japan after discontinuing in US market in 1966. I have got an interesting story about Allan in Japan. a Japanese lady, she remembered Allan seeing my photos! (especialy his hair styles). according to her memory, Allan was sold at a depatment store in 1968 in Tokyo. no evidnece in this story but it was surely in 1968 because of her birthday!

That day, she could not decide a birthday present for herself at the first departmentstore so moved to another store though after all returned to the first store. she was complained that her parents kept walking, hereby she saw Allan twice at the first store. she did not but Allan though she has a good memory!

In her memory, Allan was sold in some trad style outfits(Victory Dance? College Student?). It’s a real shame there is no JApanese catalogue showing him.