Ken 1964

1964 K787 (corsage as boutonniere version tuxedo/poor condition)

He is an example of a K787 Ken sold in Japan like the K786 I have introduced.

This K787 Ken would suggest that Ken was really sold as photographed in the 1964 Japanese catalogue as a flocked blonde Ken with the corsage worn as boutonniere.

the past of Ken/Barbie product which sold in Japan is always hard to imagine. they should have been at least added wrist-tag on their hand like a regular product for the US.


Note of my K787    his Tuxedo is also introduced in here!

#750 blonde flocked hair Ken, thin eyebrows

his hair is damaged and the colour is changed reddish.

he was abandoned in a Japanese vintage toy store for a long time.

a wire stand included, ‘A Japanese association of soft vinyl toy’ stamp is inside of the box, doesn’t have paper insert and Japanese catalogue,  ‘KB No.786’ sticker on the box.

1961/1964 mixed style #787 Tuxedo with corsage as boutonniere.

Jacket:R label, ’32-1’paper tag, corsage as boutonniere
Shirt:R label, untailored, ’32-1′ paper tag, *500 snaps
Trousers:1961 style, YKK zipper, *500 snap





私のK787 これは一例です

1962年#750 ブロンドのフロックトヘアケン、眉が細い


ワイアスタンド付属、箱の内側に’日本ソフトビニール玩具工業会’のマーク、紙製インサート/日本のカタログが無い(失われたのかは不明) 、箱に’KB No.787’のステッカー

1961/1964 ミックスの#787 Tuxedo この衣装はこちらでも紹介されています。

ジャケット:R ラベル, ’32-1’紙製タグ, コサジュがブートニアとして縫われている
シャツ:R ラベル, 縫製されていない襟, ’32-1’紙製タグ, *500スナップ
スラックス:1961スタイル, YKK ジッパー, *500スナップ