Ken 1964

1964 3rd version #750 Boxed Painted Hair Ken (Blonde/missing a plastic pack) /1964年 3rd ヴァージョン #750 パッケージ入りペインテッドヘアケン(ブロンド/プラスチックパック無し) 

1964 3rd version #750 boxed painted hair Ken:blonde Ken doll, beach jacket, shorts, sandals, black wire stand, booklet, paper insert, wrist tag $3.50

Beach jacket(3 fabric parts):white and red candy stripe fabric(2 of 3 fabrics are bonded with white thin towel cloth), label

Shorts(2 fabric parts):red cotton fabric, elastic

missing plastic pack.

This boxed Ken and I have been together for about 25 years. he is my first “Ken with original box”. I did not remember his price but he was not expensive. he is missing an original plastic pack with booklet and sandals so I have added sandals and a booklet. I think 1964 booklet would be expected.

I bought him in the 90’s in Japan. there were second hand stores everywhere in the city at the time but were not many stores selling Ken doll.

He is a dead stock toy. not a 100 percent original otherwise his joints parts are  hard even now and he has got an original tag on is wrist. once I took him out and played but put it back to the box now. I really feel sorry about he must be tired of his boring life.


1964 3rd ヴァージョン #750 boxed painted hair Ken:ブロンドのケン人形、ビーチジャケット、ショーツ、サンダル、ワイアスタンド、ブックレット、紙製インサート、リストタグ  $3.50

ビーチジャケット(生地パーツ3):赤×白色のキャンディストライプの生地(3パーツのうち2パーツの裏側に白色の薄いタオル生地が貼られている) 、ラベル







この人形の仕様 スタンプ:©1960 by Mattel, Inc Hawthorne Calif. USA マーキング:右足の裏に”JAPAN”  新しい腕/足