Vintage Barbie 1960

1960 #983Enchanted Evening white version & 1961 #787 Tuxedo/Enchanted Evening白色ヴァージョン & The Tuxedos

上の画像のバービーが着るドレスは有名な衣装、Enchanted Evening。通常のピンク色ではなくクリームがかっている白色です。ウェストに花ではなくビーズとスパンコールが付いている初期の仕様です。このドレスの全身はこちらに載せています。この白色のドレスは退色や漂白ではないように見えます、私はこの白色のEnchanted Eveningのことを知りたいと思っていますが、今も詳しいことが判りません。


Raven#5 in a ‘white/cream version’ Enchanted Evening. she looks unbeliebably great!

I have made the Tuxedos with male dolls for her. vintage Ken is NOT Barbie’s accessory ofcourse but they gives her shine more than diamonds!  even one Barbie doll has enough power so I love a composition “she is surrounded by handsome guys” or “has sandwiched between handsomes” as like golden age comedy/musical films. my preferences are 1930-50’s when the time the people who created vintage Barbie family lived.


#5 raven Barbie in 1960 #983 Enchanted Evening white/beads version.

Tuxudos from the left:1964 #1000 Allan in #787 Tuxedo 1964 version his blue bow-tie is replacement. 1966 #750 Brunette blushing Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxudo. 1963 #750 Blonde early painted hair Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxedo his black bow-tie is replacement. 1963 #750 painted hair Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxedo his hair has been repainted brownette by good1dave.