Barbie Fashion

Enchanted Eveningの構成①/Barbie Fashion 1960 #983 ENCHANTED EVENING configuration/regular US version

左から1964年スワルポニイテール/1960-61年#4/1961年#5,バービーたち。衣装はすべて#983Enchanted Evening,USレギュラーヴァージョンのピンク色、左からピンク色の造花/ビーズ/白色の造花。


1964 Swirl/1960 #4/1961 #5 in #983 Enchanted Evening US regular pink versions(1960-63). From the left, PINK ROSE/BEADS/WHITE ROSE are attached to the waists. Some Barbie collector sites says “the earlier versions has 3 sequins and beads at the waist, later versions has a pink rose, white rose is variation” but there are no references.
Enchanted Evening was introduced already in 1962 Japanese catalogue and it was also sold in Europe after 1964.

この衣装がアメリカで販売された期間は1960-1963年。1962年の日本のカタログにも登場しているそうです。1964年からはヨーロッパでも販売され,今でもたくさんのEnchanted Eveningが存在していると思います。






Although my only three gowns are not enough as research material, one of them is suitable for dismantling and observing I think. let’s look at the detailed configuration together!



How is this rose attached on? the way is very simple, the stem of rose is made of wire, just hook the wire to the dress tuck. it can be said clearly that the process had been simplified compared to beads version, because the beads of beaded version are sewn with thread and a needle.




Expanded skirt. roughly 43×35cm. had taken 5 tucks, fastened with thread.
I could not imagine this form!




About “ROSE” next time!