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From the back:1966 #750 blushing Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxudo,1964 #1000 Allan in #787 Tuxedo 1964 version his blue bow-tie is replacement, 1963 #750 painted hair Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxedo his hair has been repainted brownette by good1dave, #750 Blonde early painted hair Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxedo his black bow-tie is replacement.

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私の最初の#5から数年後にヴィンテージケンの衣装(1961年Saturday Date/Dream Boat)に出逢いました。私は完全に魅了され、ここからヴィンテージケンを集め始めました。



このサイトではヴィンテージケンがメインになっていますので、特にケンに関しての情報の多くはSomethingabouttheboy.comからです。サイト制作者は私に情報を使うことを許可をしています。私はこの妥協をしない制作者からたくさんのことを学びました。またThe Vintage Ken® e-bookも出版されています。すべて英語です。こちらから購入ができます。










Now my site has been maintenanced to be better.

I have been collecting vintage Barbie family for over 25 years. time goes quickly, many times passed since I bought my first vintage Barbie #5. I remember forever the buying her. it was absolutely one of the best moments in my life.

I am a Japanese. Japanese has a connection with vintage Barbie family because they were manufactured in Japan in 1960’s. I am always proud of this connection and it always makes me think-what they(the products) were doing in Japan at the time?

A few years later the first #5, I finally met Ken clothings:1961 Saturday Date and Dream Boat. I was stunned them completely, started to collect vintage Ken from here. vintage Barbie things which I collected are now great material to investigate vintage Ken.

The written information on my website, I reffer to products themselves, booklets, advertisements, and the great website:somethingabouttheboy.com

especially about vintage Ken, many information on my site are taken from the somethingabouttheboy.com by permission of the site’s creator.  I have learned a lot from his non-compromises work. his site is the best ever. also wonderful the vintage Ken® e-book has published. you can buy from here.

Everything shown here is my collection, not perfect but I will show everything even deterioration and consideration from my dress making knowledge.

Every photos are photographed by me with a day light. taken by a degital-single-lens reflex camera. use adjestment of brightness as needed.

Basically dolls on my photograph are standing by themself. occasionally I use some support things and sometimes they has a trick. but non re-touched.

I have mentioned everything about addtional things when non-vintage, non-domestic, repaint, hand-made things are listed.

My collection is include some repainted dolls, they have been high quality-repainted by modern painters. also include hand-made clothing. I am a neutral collector who just loves beautiful work. all my repainted dolls and hand made clothing have a great respects for vintage Barbie family product.

I am very pleased to show my personal collection here. my collection is JAPAN made vintage Ken and friends.  they are looking forward to seeing you.  Thank you for finding this my blog site. please keeping the site up to date!