Hello world! from vintage Barbie/Ken and friends.

Hello world!







I have been collecting vintage Barbie things for over 25years. I never thought that I would have own web site when I was young.

Time goes quickly, it takes 25 years since I bought my first vintage #5. I remember forever the moment of buying her. it was absolutely one of the best moments in my life.

Time made the world completely changed, also changed us, but my friends never change, AND they became my lifetime friends as time goes by. my collection grow and glow.

I am very pleased to show my personal collection here, they all are my best friends, these old toys are really excited to be seen so I am sure they would be grateful to see you. Thank you for finding this blog site. if you keeping the site up to date, my friends will be shine a more definitely!

First at all, I am not affliated with Mattel company.

And,I am a little nervous about using my Japanese and English though I think it is best way for now. I don’t think Japanese character is suitable to translate Barbie’s product name. anyway I will do my best.

Thank you SO much again for visiting my blog site. all my friends obviously could hardly wait to meet you!