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Ken as Sinatra and vintage clothing/ 1999年の人形とヴィンテージ衣装

This is Sinatra, he is a Ken doll too. he is an only one modern Ken doll of mine( he is made in China). I was interested in him to dress vintage Ken clothing…I do not like his creepy body very much…anyway he is cute as when he was young. the result of trying different vintage Ken outfit on him is, he is possible to wear coat,half sleeved shirt, polo-shirt,knit, trousers but long-sleeved shirts, jackets, and shoes are impossible.

I have dressed 1963 #796 Sailor on him but I do not recommend this. Sailor’s sleeves are too narrow to wear.

1999 Ken as Sinatra doll wearing vintage Ken clothing:red polo-shirt, grey slacks, socks from 1962 fashion PAK. the black shoes is not vintage. this doll can’t wear vintage Ken shoes.

彼は1999年 Barbie Loves Frankie Sinatra/made in Chinaの一部、フランク・シナトラの姿をしているケン人形(中国製)です。








Ken as Sinatra doll wearing: 1966 #1424 Business Appointment, his black trousers from 1964 #1400 Country Clubbin’. I added him 1980’s Japanese TAKARA Barbie scarf and some holiday stuffs.
1999 Ken as Sinatra doll wearing 1970 #1434 Big Business(variation tie). the microphone stand is from 1999 Barbie loves Sinatra gift set.

あまり似合わないのですが、1970年 #1434 Big Businessはすべて着る事が出来ました。モッズ期の衣装は着られるものが多いのかもしれません。

私がフランキーに着せたかった衣装の1つは1963年 #796 Sailorです。しかしSailorも袖が細いのでフランキーに着せるのはすすめません。この画像のフランキーは無理をしてSailorを着ています。