Ken Fashion 1963

Vintage Ken Fashion 1963 #791 Fun On Ice (beige varsion?/complete)/ヴィンテージケン衣装コレクション 1963年 #791 Fun On Ice (ベイジュ色ヴァージョン?/コンプリート)

1963 #791 Fun On Ice:cap,scarf,mittens,sweater,trousers,shoes $3.00

Cap(1 fabric part):yellow knit fabric, 1 blue pompom

Scarf(1 fabric part):yellow knit fabric

Mittens(2 fabric parts):yellow knit fabric,elastics

Sweater(4 fabric parts+5 trim parts): diamond pattern knit fabric, black knit fabric, label

Trousers(2 fabric parts):mustard corduroy fabric, YKK zipper, 1 snap, front pocket stitching, back pocket stitching

In Fun On Ice cap/scarf/mittens….I think there are several kinds of colours.


1963 #791 Fun On Ice:帽子、マフラー、手袋、セーター、スラックス、靴 $3.00







1963 #750 Ken in 1963 #791 Fun On Ice. his eyebrows and hair has been repainted by good1dave.




1964 #1000 Allan in 1963 #791 Fun On Ice.
1961 #750 brownette flocked hair Ken in 1963 #791 Fun On Ice.


my Fun On Ice has “09” paper tags.


Sample Content

1965 #1010 bendable leg Allan: muffler/trousers/shoes from Fun On Ice, 1961 Campus Hero sweater, brown shoes. 1966 #1020 blushing Ken: trousers/gloves fron Fun On Ice, 1966 #1424 Buisiness Appointment hat, 1962 PAK polo-shirt, 1962 #788 Rally Day coat, light brown shoes.