Ken Fashion 1961

The 9 KEN FASHIONS 1961/1961年のヴィンテージケン衣装 9種類

Here are the vintage Ken’s 9 outfits of 1961. I really wanted to use all flocked hair Kens for here but some outfits are not suitable for flocked hair Ken, their flocking is so fragile! so used 3 painted hair Kens insted. clothing only, small accessories does not appear on the photo.

Early vintage Ken’s leg is not flat. addtion to it sometimes thier legs are not straight, not the same length even wearing shoes on. almost all my flocked hair Ken can not stand themself. in the photo above, flocked hair Kens are standing supported by walls. 3 painted hair Ken in the middle are all stands themself.

In 1961, vintage Ken appeared with his 9 outfits. these outfits are easy to find even now unlike vintage Barbie’s first 22 outfits.

His 1961’s 9 outfits could be divided into three categories below.







LEFT:1962 #750 Blonde flocked hair Ken in #781 SLEEPER SET(1961-1964)

MIDDLE:1962 #750 Brunette flocked hair Ken in #784 TERRY TOGS(1961-1964, until 1967 in europe)

RIGHT:1963 #750 early blonde painted hair Ken in #780 IN TRAINING(1961-1962)



LEFT:1962 #750 Brunette flocked hair Ken in #783 SPORT SHORTS(1961-1963)

MIDDLE:1963 #750 Blonde painted hair Ken in #782 CASUALS(1961-1964)

RIGHT:1963 #750 Blonde early painted hair Ken in #770 CAMPUS HERO(1961-1964) until 1965 in Japan


LEFT:1961 #750 Light brownette flocked hair Ken in #786 SATURDAY DATE(1961-1964 until 1965 in Japan)

MIDDLE:1961 #750 Dark brownette flocked hair Ken in #787 TUXEDO(1961-1965 until 1968 in europe)

RIGHT:1962 #750 Blonde painted hair Ken in #785 DREAM BOAT(1961-1963 until 1965 in Japan)