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#850 Blonde Barbie 1961 My first vintage Barbie #5/私の初めてのヴィンテージバービー

1961 #850 #5 Blonde ponytail Barbie $3.00

1962 Barbie fashion PAK:gathered skirt, blouse $0.80/each

Gathered skirt(3 fabric parts):cotton fabric, label,1 patch packet, 1 snap

Blouse(4 fabric parts):cotton fabric, label,1 snap, 1 button, yoke

Here is my first vintage Barbie doll and outfit, bought in Japan. when we do not have the internet, vintage Barbie things were more expensive than now. I always thought that collecting vintage Barbie was like a dream.

Over 25 years ago when I was young, I finally bought my first #5 Barbie doll. for some time after this she was my only one vintage Barbie. she is not in great condition though she did include an original accessories(zebra swimwear,shoes,stand) and a gathered skirt and a blouse from 1962 fashion PAK. I was stunned the quality and detaile of her clothing.  I determined to collect vintage Barbie and her clothing.

Vintage fabric used for vintage Barbie family- are woven finely, hard to fray. the seam allowance end are not stitched. their sewing pattern are wonderfully tricky, I can’t understand the structure just by looking.

Actually early vintage Barbie clothing were made with simple pattern( but not only simple, they are well thought out) because they were mass-produced product. I stunned everytime I turned over them.

If my first Barbie doll had not any clothing, only swinwear-I may not have collected vintage Barbie family.