My friends and I

#850 swirl ponytail Barbie wearing my version sheath dress and hat. the lips has been repainted lovely pink by Plasticker.

Over 20years, I have been making doll costume. I started because I would love to know the procedures and sewing patterns of vintage family’s clothing.

My heart almost stops when I break their costume to get the sewing pattern, I feel guilty. sometimes get it much as possible without destroying, and sometimes I use ready-made pattern sold in the 60’s though I’ve learned a lot from real costume-Vintage Barbie and Ken’s clothing. they were mass-produced items, but also hand-made sewn by many seamstresses in 1960’s in Japan…

I also played with dolls. my Barbie was a singer in my imagination when I was playing with her. she was certainly brilliant when she sang old popular song in melancholy on her stage. sometimes she was having a punch fight in the dressing room…Ken was also living in my imagination world, I named my early Kens ‘Gene and Bing’ and even gave them the duo-group name ‘top-hats’. they featured on a film and sang a fascination number ‘blue skies above the moon’. now these names becomes my seamstress name. funny, but I was serious. still they are so hot singing and dancing in a small story I made….

#750 blonde painted hair Ken in my denim version Tuxedo.