my three Dream Boats



私はDream Boatの衣装を3セット持っています。とても面白いことにこの3つの衣装には工夫をして遊んだ形跡が残されていて、オリジナルの持ち主がどのようにケンで遊んでいたのかをすこし知る事が出来ました。


This story is about “playing sign”, not about product. I will show some plyaing signs that still remains on my vintage Ken outfit

I have been collecting vintage Ken things for years. first, I was going to sell things that I got double but I changed my mind. becuase each is “hystory”.

For example my three Deam Boat outfits has “playing signs”. pitures below, you can see how much the original owner(children) loved their Ken doll.

It’s nice to know how he was loved. obviously the original owner imagined “what does Ken bring to his dating?” when they were dressing thier Dream Boat, like “what clothes Barbie wears on her dating?”.

I will never meet the original owner though, these lovely idea makes me smile always-I am sure, my Ken definitely loves them, he keeps using his belongings .

下の画像は#785 Dream Boat 左は1962-63ヴァージョン。中と右は1961ヴァージョン。

#785 Dream Boat outfit. 1962-63 version(the left) and two 1961 versions.



the 1962-63 version has got a small folded paper in the pocket.



I found a wallet!!



the middle 1961 version Dream Boat. I found a Barbie comb in the pocket



the last 1961 version jacket. something is stuck inside the Ken lavel.



this old wallet is made with paper and tape.



I found a hand writing $5!


この$5が入っている小さな財布がいつ頃に作られたのかは判りません。もし衣装と同じ1961年だとすると、1961年には雑誌の”LIFE”や”POST”が20¢、”PLAYBOY”が50¢でした。500¢($5)があれば簡単なデートが楽しめたのではないかと想像しています。(1961年に販売された#787 Tuxedoも$5)

I am not sure when the wallet was made. if it was made in 1961(same year as Dream Boat), I think Ken enjoyed his dating for $5.