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Questions about the boy 2/ ‘JAPAN’ sticker/情報ヘルプⅡ【JAPAN】ステッカー

These are two “sticker” Kens in my collection. they are #750/gorgeous blushing faces/straight legs and a ‘JAPAN’ stickers on their chins.

The same sticker can be found on Fashion Queen Barbie head but absolutely no idea what the reason is and why they are found on some Kens sold in Japan (I found the two sticker Kens in Japan, each previous owners were Japanese).

I have asked and collect information on my site in Japanese. it would be great to find the “Sticker” on a Ken which is still in the original packaging.






なぜこのケン達にはステッカーが付いているのか? なぜこのステッカーは顎に貼られているのか?



このステッカーはFashion Queenのバービーのヘッドに貼られていることがあります。左の画像はインターネットの画像です。