スキッパーとケンのお揃い ④/Skipper Fashion 1965 #1911 DAY AT THE FAIR(Ken #1417 Rovin’ Reporter fabric/missing scafe)


ケン衣装#1417 Rovin’ Peporter のジャケット、スキッパー衣装#1921 School Girlのジャケット、バービー衣装#1624 Fun At The Fairのラップスカート、そしてバービーとお揃いのスキッパーのラップスカート(#1911 Day At The Fair)

In 1965, vintage Barbie family had 4 outfits which were used the same red fabrics:#1417 Rovin’ Reporter jacket,#1921School Girl jacket,#1624 Fun At The Fair wrap skirt, and this #1911 Day At The Fair wrap skirt is also the same.

in my collection, “Day At The Fair” is not complete, it does not have a scafe yet.



ラップスカート:#1417 Rovin’ Peporterのジャケットと同じ生地、スナップ1、バックル、プリント生地のポケット





1966 Blushing straight leg Ken(backward though) in Rovin’ Reporter with a red hunting cap. 1965 pink skin Bendable Skipper in Day At The Fair(missing scafe). the asscesory, small sized swirl Barbie doll makes people smiling and happier. the long pocket on the wrap skirt is great idea, it is attached for a particular purpose.


1965 and 1964 Skippers. 1965 Skipper is not in great condition, she is fedded, her face/arms has quite yellowed and lightend. although she is not high value doll, she is an only one pink skin doll in my collection so it is fun to compare the skin tones with other dolls’s tan skin.