ヴィンテージケン・バービーの衣装に使われたスナップ / SNAP/POPPER for vintage Barbie Ken clothes


I have examined very closely over 300 vintage Barbie/Ken clothes.

This article is about Snap/Popper. these small sized apparel materials were used for Japan made outfits, many of them were made in Japan and some of them still has been produced. yes, we can still buy even now!

As far as I have examined, there are 5 types of snaps. thier engravings are;*500,*555, K510,G510, and no-mark. they looks very similar but manufacturer are different. *500, *555, G510 snaps are still manufactured.


K510 and G510     made by Gondola shoji(JAPAN)

K510/G510 productions began around 1948. G510 has “center-holes” on both sides of snap. K510 was an industrial product, has not “center-holes” and hardly been produced now. G510 is made for general use.

*500      made by Ishizaki Press Industrial(JAPAN)

*500 production began before 1940 and this manufacturer has continued domestic production. also has “center-holes”.


*555      oldest sewing snap made by Prym(Germany. at the time *555 was made in West-Germany)

Prym developed sewing style snap “*555”. In the 1940’s Japan imported *555 and started to make products imitating *555. no “center-holes”.

No-mark product    unknown manufacturer

All no-mark snaps I have seen has no “center-holes”. no other clue about No-mark, so I will not mention after this.

Manufacturing order is *555, *500, K510, G510.

*500, *555, G510 snaps are still manufactured.


Snaps/Poppers in vintage Barbie/Ken product

In vintage Barbie/Ken products, thier appearance order is *500, K510, G510,*555. first *500 appeared, many *500 in the early days. next was K510. G510 came around 1964. *555 is not found very much.

Clothes with *500 could be said roughly they were made early. if you have two #984 American Airlines Stewardess outfits which has *500 and G510, the outfit with *500 could be say older but *500 were used for a long time, can be found on 1966 outfit so it is impossible to verificate age from snap.

While investigating, I have found a clear specific rule-different engraving snaps were never used at the same time. for example, if a shirt has two snaps, they should both be the same. if a coat has four snaps, they are all the same.

Also I have realized that an original outfits used the same snaps. if a shirt use K510, the pair trousers/skirt also have K510. I think sewer and finisher were probably different in making Barbie system.

My 1965 Skipper outfit #1920 Fun Time is the best sample. this outfit came from an original card board, consist of shell/shirt/jacket/pant. six snaps are used for the outfit and all snaps are “G510”.( also has paper tags, all tags are “13”.)

Therefore, checking snap/poppers is an one way to find a pair clothes/place close to the original.




K510 G510     ゴンドラ商事(日本)


*500      石崎プレス工業(日本)

*500 は1940年より前から作られ、今でも日本国内で生産されています。センターホールがある。

*555      1番古いスナップ Prym(ドイツ/1960年代は西ドイツ)


なにも刻印がない    メーカー不明


製造順序は *555, *500, K510, G510になり、*500, *555, G510は今でも製造されています。



ヴィンテージ衣装のスナップの登場順序は*500, K510, G510,*555. *500が1番早く登場して次がK510,G510の登場は1964年頃。*555はあまり見つからない。

たとえば*500の付いている衣装は初期に作られたと言えます。もし2着の#984 American Airlines Stewardessの衣装を持っていてそれらに*500とG510のスナップがついていた場合は*500の付いている衣装の方がおそらく古いと言えます。しかし*500は長く使われていて1966年の衣装からも見つかるので確実に*500の衣装の方が古いとは言えません。



とても良いサンプルとして私の持っている1965 #1920 Fun Timeがあります。これはオリジナルの台紙から取った衣装で、構成している4点(ちいさなシャツ/シャツ/ジャケット/パンツ)のすべてにスナップがつきます。それらの6個のスナップは全部G510。(さらに4点には紙のタグが付いていて、すべてが13)

このようなことから、”スナップから衣装の年代を調べることはできない” ”スナップを調べることでペアとなるべきものを探すことができる”と思います。