Ken Fashion 1961

About the Side Stripes(piping). how vintage Ken Tuxedo trousers were made?/タキシードスラックスの側章(パイピング)

Some of my Tuxedo photos has been brightened to look better each detailes as much as possible.

I have been researching how the vintage Ken clothing was made. his Tuxedo is the one of good example to see sure his clothing hystory. his Tuxedo was sold for long time from 1961 until around 1968 including Japan and Europe so absolutely be the one of great materials to study the vintage Barbie family clothing.

On this article, every Ken dolls wearing 1961 Tuxedo. all Tuxedo trousers has got side lines which are made by “PIPING” processing.


How the side lines (piping) was made? Please scroll down, look at photos of two trousers turned over. you can see that the Tuxedo trousers’s side lines they were made by piping processing while sewing front and back fabrics together. Tuxedo trousers needs 4 fabric parts for it. each thickness of side lines would different depending on seamstress. for making Tuxedo trousers, there were more sewing steps than other vintage Ken trousers.

1961 Tuxedos, 1961 Kens and 1963 Ken.






from the left, 1961 #750 brunette flocked hair Ken, 1961 #750 brownette flocked hair Ken, 1961 #750 blonde flocked hair Ken, 1963 #750 blonde painted hair Ken.







For piping of Tuxedo’s trousers, insert side line fabric bitween front part and back part first then sewing together.


Photo below. another 1961 trousers has turned over. normally vintage Ken trousers consist 2 fabric 2 pieces as the photo here.


This is 1961 Casuals’s trousers. normally, vintage Ken trousers are composed of 2 parts as this.