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two examples of factory flaws/製造の間違い 例

Usually the sewing of Japan-made vintage Ken clothing is perfect, but wrong-sewing can be found sometimes.

There are two examples of factory-flaws. these two Tuxedo jackets has exactly the same paper tags ’32-1′. I don’t know what these number means, but it seems ’32-1′ was completely wrong the manufacturing order. please look at the photo showing the insides, you can see the wrong ‘stitching’ are behind the pockets. normally these stitching should not be visible. if ‘full-lining’, pocket should be attached at the first sewing stage, but these pockets were obviously sown later.

The corsage as boutonniere jacket(right side) seems to have been sold in Japan, but I am not sure if it was sold in Japan because of the defective product.

I have also attached photos of some regular-products further below.




Samples of regular-products. the insides of these are also beautiful. Left: Tuxedo jacket with ‘TM’ label. Center: ‘TM’ labelled Tuxedo jacket for gift set 1963 #864 trousseau set. Right:’R’ labelled Tuxedo jacket for 1965 style #0787 Tuxedo.