バービー達のハンガー/various HANGERS

Barbie/Ken has various type hangers. I will introduce only a parts of them on this article.

Shown above, they are probably the oldest hangars for Barbie and Ken…there are NO marks(some have a small number marking), various colours, width is roughly 9cm. this hanger was set in Barbie vinyl case.

Various Barbie vinyl cases with hangers were sold from 1961(“1961” date is written on the earliest Barbie doll case.)

NOT made by Mattel. they were made by the another U.S company “SPP”, early mattel Barbie booklet does not show any SPP doll cases, Mattel introduced SPP vinyl cases on Barbie booklet from 1966. Department store catalogue introduced them from 1961. Barbie vinyl case with hangers was sold until the end of the 1970’s.




これはケンのケースに付いていたタグ。このケースにはハンガーが6本セットされていました。Below:a Ken doll case tag. this case was sold with six hangers.


Below:Hanger packs for Barbie and Ken by SPP. they are dated 1962, made in U.S. photos from the internet.

パックされたハンガーの画像はインターネットから。いろいろな色のハンガーパックには”1962年”と書かれています。ケースと同じSPP(Standard Plastic Product)社が販売、US製。


One hanger of mine is very similar to SPP Barbie/Ken hanger. it has got markings “MADE IN U.S.A” and “HASBRO” on both sides but I do not know where this hanger really belongs to.

私のところにもこのハンガーがたくさんあります。どれも同じハンガーだと思っていたのですがマークがあるものがありました。その1本はほとんど同じ形をしていて”MADE IN U.S.A”のマークがあります。



Below: Hangers for Barbie/Ken fashion PAKs. usually white used for Barbie, black used for Ken. there are written only Mattel markings though I think they were produced in JAPAN, because I have seen few boxed outfits which were sold in Japan in 60’s. in those boxes, PAK hangers the same of these were set with dresses and accessories.




Below-Delicate and beautiful hangers from 1967 to middle of 70’s. no-markings though I think they should be made in Japan. width roughly 6cm.



Below: similar to above hangers but not so delicately made. this hanger could be found in 1984 Barbie extras(made in Philippines).

1984 Barbie extras packaging image is from the internet.

左の画像は1984年、フィリピン製のFashion Extras.この画像もインターネットからです。