Vintage Barbie 1961

Vintage Barbie Fashion 1961 #984 American Airlines Stewardess(complete)

1961 #984 American Airlines Stewardess:jacket,skirt,blouse,cap,shoes,shoulder bag,flight bag $3.50

The princess line jacket of this outfit is one of the most beautiful early Barbie’s sewing pattern.

Jacket(10 fabric parts):blue fabric, 4 buttons,label,1 black snap,1 silver metal wings pin,tulle

Skirt with box pleats(1 fabric parts):blue fabric, 4 darts, 1 blacksnap, tulle

Bodysuit blouse(2 fabric parts):white nylon fabric,1 snap, 4 darts,3 buttons,tulle

Cap(2 fabric parts):blue fabric, tulle lining, wire,insignia

Shoes:black open toe shoes, ‘JAPAN’ markings on left shoe

Shoulder bag:black soft vinyl,metal buckle

Flight bag(5 fabric parts+1 vinyl trim):blue fabric with printing logos and marks(the back is vinyl coated), white vinyl material, 4 bottom studs, YKK zipper with

1961 #984 American Airlines Stewardess:ジャケット、スカート、ブラウス、帽子、靴、ショルダーバッグ、フライトバッグ $3.50







バッグ(生地パーツ5+ビニールのトリム1):青色の生地(裏はビニールコーティング)、ロゴとマークのプリント、白色のビニール素材、底鋲 4、 YKK ジッパー(Oリング)、ハンドル2



1960 #850 #3 Blonde ponytail Barbie in 1961 #984 American Airlines Stewardess.
1965 #1010 brunette American girl bendable leg Barbie in 1961 #984 American Airlines Stewardess.


‘BLUE’ comparison. this type fabric is used very often for vintage Barbie family clothing . enjoy each colour difference. 1961 #984 American Airlines Stewardess blue jacket, 1959 #918 Cruise Stripe dress, 1965 Ken fashion #0779 American Airlines Captain flight bag.