Vintage Barbie family 1966

Vintage Barbie Fashion 1966 #1678 Pan American Airways Stewardess(original version/complete & Japanese exclusive navy version/jacket, blouse only)

1966 #1768 Pan American Airways Stewardess:jacket,skirt,blouse,pillbox hat,gloves,shoes,shoulder bag

Jacket(11 fabric parts):blue grey twill fabric, 12 buttons, 2 darts, 2 vents, 2 pockets, 2 snaps, label, 1 gold metal wing pin

Skirt(4 fabric parts):blue grey twill fabric, 2 darts, 1 snap, boxed pleats

Blouse(5 fabric parts):white cotton fabric,2 snaps, 4 darts, 2 cuffs, 6 buttons,1 mock pocket, mock belt

Hat(2 fabric parts):blue grey twill fabric, white gauze fabric lining, white grosgrain ribbon, round metal pin

gloves:short, white tricot

Shoes:black close toe shoes, ‘JAPAN’ markings

Shoulder bag:black soft vinyl,metal buckle

Further compare an original version Pan American Airways Stewardess outfit and Japanese exclusive navy version of Pan American Airways outfit(unfortunately the jacket and blouse only) of mine in the lower row. I thought the navy version outfit was made of Ken’s 1964/65 #0779 American Airlines Captain fabric for a long time, but they are completely different(the fabric of the Ken’s crew bag is the same type fabric, but colour is slightly defferent. the crew bag is darker navy. ). The navy version outfit is made of Barbie’s 1961 #991 Registered Nurse’s cape fabric, and used the same type button. my navy version is also used the silver metal wings pin as American Airlines Stewardess/Captain outfits. obviously those materials were leftovers.

Also-a fun magazine for collectors, Barbie Bazaar Aug 2000 tells that ‘Blue version’ was on sale as European exclusive. as far as I see the images of a few examples in the magazine, the blue version of Pan American Airways Stewardess outfit is made of the same twill fabric as the original and the same type button and silver metal wing pin as the original are also used for the blue version. I think the specifications of the blue version are almost original.

Concerning sewing. The jacket doesn’t have lining though, the sewing pattern of the jacket is complicated. as far as I can see, it’s a little difficult to sew this jacket.

also I don’t think this soft twill fabric is easy to handle. the surface of this twill fabric is certainly woolly. the difficulty of handling and the complicated sewing pattern affects the finish of the jacket. most jacket I have ever seen is out of shape a little.

1966 #1768 Pan American Airways Stewardess:ジャケット、スカート、ブラウス、ピルボックスハット、手袋、靴、ショルダーバッグ








下段ではオリジナルヴァージョンと日本仕様のネイビー色ヴァージョンのPan American Airways Stewardessを比べています。残念なことに私のネイビー色ヴァージョンはジャケットとブラウスしかありません。私は長い間、このネイビー色ヴァージョンはケン衣装 1964/65 #0779 American Airlines Captainの生地で作られていると思っていましたがそれはまったく違い、ネイビー色ヴァージョンにはバービー衣装 1961 #991 Registered Nurseのケイプの生地とボタンが使われています、また銀色のメタル製ウィングピンはAmerican Airlines Stewardess/Captainからです。これらの材料は’余り物’です。

ケンの1965 #0779 American Airlines Captainにセットされるバッグと#991 Registered Nurseのケイプは同じタイプの生地で作られています。しかし色は違い、バッグのほうが濃い色をしています。

コレクター向けの雑誌Barbie Bazaar 2000年8月号によると、ヨーロッパ仕様としてPan American Airways Stewardessのブルーヴァージョンがあったようです、私が雑誌の画像を見る限りではそのブルーヴァージョンはオリジナルと同じタイプのツイル生地です。さらにオリジナルと同じタイプの銀色のメタル製ウィングピンがとボタンが使われています。ブルーヴァージョンの仕様はほとんどオリジナルだと思います。




1960 #850 #3 Barbie in 1966 #1678 Pan American Airways Stewardess.
re-rooted black hair colour magic Barbie wearing 1966 #1678 Pan American Airways Stewardess.
she has been re-rooted beautiful black by Placticker