Vintage Barbie 1961

Vintage Barbie Fashion 1961 #991 REGISTERED NURSE (missing 5 accessories/navy cape fabric which became Japanese exclusive version PAN AM AIRWAYS STEWARDESS later)/ヴィンテージバービー衣装コレクション 1961年 #991 REGISTERED NURSE(ゆたんぽ・卒業証書・薬・スプン・眼鏡無し/ケイプは日本仕様 PAN AM AIRWAYS STEWARDESSの生地)

1961 #991 REGISTERED NURSE: cap, cape, uniform, shoes, hot water bottle, diploma, medicine bottle, spoon, glasses   $3.00

My Registered Nurse missing 5 accessories(hot water bottle, diploma, medicine bottle, spoon, and glasses).

Cap(2 fabric parts):thin white cotton fabric, thin black fabric tape, thick wire

Cape(7 fabric parts):navy fabric, red silk fabric(lining), label, 1 button, loop

Uniform(7 fabric parts):thin white cotton fabric, 4 buttons, YKK zipper, 2 pin tucks, cuffs, real pockets, 2 darts, 4 tucks, metal pin

the white cotton fabric of REGISTERED NURSE uniform is not the same as 1963 #793 DR. KEN’s doctor coat. the nurse uniform is thinner then Ken doctor coat, his doctor coat is made of normal shirt fabric.

the pocket is a real. the booklets(1962-63,1964) also explains this pocket that a white cotton uniform with ‘real hip pockets’.

Nurse cape fabric is the same as Japanese exclusive version PAM AM AIRWAYS  STEWARDESS uniform.

The same navy fabric is used for 1961 Registered Nurse cape/1966 Pan Am Airways Stewardess jacket.

1961 #991 REGISTERED NURSE:ナースキャップ、ケイプ、制服、靴、ゆたんぽ、卒業証書、薬、スプン、眼鏡   $3.00

私のREGISTERED NURSEの衣装は、ゆたんぽ/卒業証書/薬/スプン/眼鏡が失われています。



制服(生地パーツ7):白色のコットン生地、ボタン4、YKK ジッパー、ピンタック2、カフス、ポケット、ダーツ 2、タック 4、メタル製のピン

REGISTERED NURSEの制服の生地は1963 #793 DR.Kenのドクターコートよりも薄い生地で作られています。ドクターコートはシャツ生地で作られています。

ケイプの紺色の生地は日本仕様のPAN AM AIRWAYS STEWARDESSに使われました。


the real hip pocket.