Vintage Ken

ヴィンテージケン クリーニング/vintage Ken-cleaning


I bought a straight leg Ken in Tuxedo recently. his face looked clean but his body and a dress shirt were dirty under the jacket, I think he had been stored in a humid place for a long time. uhh…


the deteriorated rubber band of the bow-tie was stuck under the collar.the arms also deteriorated and became sticky.

人形の劣化によってシャツも汚れてしまったと思います。人形もシャツも綺麗にしなくてはなりません。シャツのパールボタンは洗う前に取り外しておいた方が良いです。the dress shirt was affected by the deterioration of the doll. obviously they need cleaning. it is better to remove the pearl buttons before strong washing/bleaching.   

可哀そうなことに靴の中にカビが生えていました。Poor Ken! his legs were covered with mildew!



人形とシャツのクリーニングが完了しました。after the doll and shirt -cleaning, pictures below.

彼は1966-67年のストレートレッグのケン。着ている衣装は1965年 #0787 Tuxedo、パンツがヴィンテージ期後期の形で太い。

Ready for shooting! he is a 1966-67 straight leg Ken in 1965 #0787 Tuxedo.