Ken Fashion 1962

Vintage Ken Fashion 1962 #788 RALLY DAY(complete)

1962 #788 RALLY DAY: coat, hunting cap, map, keys $2.50

Many costumes made in Japan for Barbie family product in the 60’s has ‘paper tag’ in addition to the label. I’m not sure about the details of the paper tag though, as far as I can see it’s probably from 1962 that the ‘paper tag’ was added, however not all Japan-made costume since 1962 have the paper tag.

Coat(13 fabric parts): beige fabric, plaid fabric(half-lined), 3 buttons, 1 button loop, 2 sleeve belts, 2 decorative pockets,1 bent, label

Hunting cap(4 fabric parts):red fabric, fabric tape

1962 #788 RALLY DAY: コート、ハンティング帽子, 地図、鍵 $2.50




1961 #850 brunette ponytail Barbie in 1962-63 #931 Garden Party(complete)/1962 #750 blonde flocked hair Ken in 1962 #788 Rally Day(complete) with red polo-shirt and grey slacks from 1962 fashion paks.