Ken Fashion 1966

Vintage Ken Fashion 1966 #1427 Mountain Hike(complete)/ヴィンテージケン衣装コレクション 1966年 #1427 Mountain Hike(コンプリート)  

1966 #1427 Mountain Hike:sweater,barmuda shorts,socks,shoes $2

Sweater(all machine-made):red, acrylic probably

Barmuda shorts(2 fabric parts):beige twill cotton fabric,label,YKK zipper, 1 snap,front pocket stitching, back pocket stitching, double stitching on hem

Socks(1 fabric part/sock):white knit fabric

early Barbie family knit clothing usually made like Campus Hero sweater(knit parts are connected with thread by hand or stitching by sewing machine)

Mountain Hike/Hiking Holiday sweaters are seamless, seems to be all machine-made.

1966 #1427 Mountain Hike:セーター、バミューダパンツ、ソックス、靴 $2






#1427 Mountain Hikeは1966年にマテル社から販売されたヴィンテージケンの最後の衣装です。

ほとんど同じ構成の衣装があります。1965 #1412 Hiking Holiday


1966 #1020 blushing Ken in 1966 #1427 Mountain Hike.
1966 #1020 blushing Ken wearing: 1966 #1427 Mountain Hike’s sweater and shorts, 1964 #0776 Ken in Switzerland’s alpine hat, boots, and pipe. the red long socks from 1963 #792 Play Ball!
1963 #750 painted hair Ken wearing: 1962 #788 Rally Day’s coat and hunting cap, Mountain Hike sweater, 1962 fashion PAK corduroy slacks, and brown/white shoes.
1966 1020 #blushing Ken wearing: 1963 #796 Sailor’s hat, Mountain Hike sweater, 1966 #1421 Seein’ The Sights’s navy slacks, and white shoes.
1966 #1010 bendable leg Allan wearing: Mountain Hike sweater, 1966 #1420 Jazz Concert’s beige slacks, and brown shoes.