Vintage Ken

ケンはファッションドール/vintage Ken, he is a (fashion) doll!



彼は何年も経って大人のコレクションの対象になって初めて本来の役をしているのではないか。そう、彼はファッションドールである! ”He is a (Fashion) Doll!”

There is no culture to escort women in Japan,it also mean not his role for poor Ken in Japan. even he was wearing dashing army uniforms, he was not shining on the battle field, GI.joe(he was born in 1964 though) was already there as same as the US market.

obviously vintage Ken was not a big hit though he had been sold in Japan for years without being much advertised.

After a lapse of many years, he becomes a subject of adlut collector. therefore he plays his primaly role finally.



1961 Brownette flocked hair Ken and 1966 Brunette Blushed Ken. you can see an adam’s apple in the left Ken.



What is this hair style? the left;1961 Brownette flocked hair Ken. the right; 1963 Blonde painted hair Ken. you can see that he swept his side hair to back.



not only flocking. molds are totally different. flocked hair Ken is more scalpted face.



they are complexes. early 1963 painted hair heads has old stock bodies.



complexes of 1963-64 head and old stock bodies. the left Ken has been repainted to brownette.