Patent/Trade Mark

‘Allan’ The United States Trade mark patent

In the U.S, two trade mark patents of ‘Allan’ were registered twice in the past, but both are already invalid.

His second TM patent may had been registered for the gift set 2008 Campus Sweet Shop(Midge 45th anniversary).

Registration number for Allan:0786722(Expired)   

Application date:27th Mar 1964/Registration date:16th Mar 1965/Owner:Mattel

Registration number for Allan:3709602(cancelled)

Application date:8th Apr 2008/Registration date:10th Nov 2009/Cancellation date:17th Jun 2016/Owner:Mattel

There is no TM patent registration for Allan in Japan.


’Allan’の商標は2回登録されていましたが、すでにどちらも無効になっています。彼の2回目の商標は、おそらく2008年に販売されたギフトセットCampus Sweet Shop(Midge45周年記念)の為に再登録されたと思われます。