Exploring Ken fashion 1965

Ken fashion #0779 AMERICAN AIRLINES CAPTAIN(1965 version)

1965 #0779 AMERICAN AIRLINES CAPTAIN: jacket, trousers, hat, socks, shoes, flight log, flight bag $4.00

Jacket-10 patterns:dark blue fabric(10), 8 silver cords,1 pilot wings, label, 3 buttons, 1 loop/2 darts, 2 pocket flaps, back center bent, 3 button hole stitches

Trousers-2 patterns:dark blue fabric(2), 1 snap, YKK zipper/ front pocket stitching, back pocket stitching,fly stitching

Hat-2 fabric parts+1vinyl part: dark blue fabric(2), black vinyl coated fabric(1/hat brim),silver cord, 2 clear beads, insignia

Socks-2 patterns:black knit fabric(1/single)

Bag-5 fabric parts: dark blue fabric(5), YKK zipper, 4 studs, white vinyl


1965 #0779 AMERICAN AIRLINES CAPTAIN:ジャケット、スラックス、帽子、ソックス、靴、フライトログ、バッグ  $4.00

袖の4本のラインは最高責任者の印です。#0779 American Airlines Captainは1964年ヴァージョンと1965年ヴァージョンに違いがあります。1965年ヴァージョンはスラックスがすこし太いシルエットになり、バッグが付いて$3.50から$4.00になりました。

ジャケット-パターン10:濃紺色の生地(10)、銀色のコード 8、パイロットウィング1、ラベル、ボタン3/ダーツ2、ポケットフラップ2、ベンツ1、ボタンホールステッチ3、ループ1






#0750 brunette painted hair Ken(from 1965-1967) in 1965 #0779 American Airlines Captain(complete).
1965 #1010 bendable leg Allan in 1964 #0779 American Airlines Captain(complete)/1965 #1020 blonde bendable leg Ken in 1965 #0779 American Airlines Captain.

Allan wearing 1961-62 style white long sleeved shirt/Ken wearing 1964 style white short sleeved shirt. the navy ties are 1963 #797 Army & Airforce .

1964/1965 fabrics


1964 fabric hat/1965 fabric hat
1964 fabric
1965 fabric
1965 fabric



Flight bag

as far as I can the Barbie’s flight bag on the internet, there are many Barbie’s bags without insole, I can tell it just by looking because they are deformed. also many Barbie’s flight bag types with insole can be found. but I’m not sure about Ken’s flight bag, there aren’t enough Ken’s bag to compare on the internet. these stand properly if there is an insole.

inside of Barbie’s flight bag. version without insole. (1961-64 #984/#0984 American Airlines Stewardess)
inside of Ken’s flight bag. version without insole,but it may have came off.
inside of Ken’s another flight bag with an insole.


inside of NRFB version #0779 flight bag. with insole.




1965 #0779 American Airlines Captain jacket with R label.
NRFB version 1965 #0779 American Airlines Captain with 1965 booklet 2.
inside of the NRFB version 1965 #0779. R label.