Ken Fashion 1962

Vintage Ken Fashion 1962 #790 TIME FOR TENNIS(missing one ball)/ヴィンテージケン衣装コレクション 1962年 #790 TIME FOR TENNIS(ボール1なし)

1962 #790 TIME FOR TENNIS: cardigan ,polo-shirt, socks, shorts, shoes, ball, racket, sunglasses $3.00

Many costumes made in Japan for Barbie family product in the 60’s has ‘paper tag’ in addition to the label. I’m not sure about the details of the paper tag though, as far as I can see it’s probably from 1962 that the ‘paper tag’ was added, however not all Japan-made costume since 1962 have the paper tag.

My outfit missing a ball.

Cardigan(6fabric parts + 3 piping parts):white acrylic knit, navy knit fabric, red fabric, label

Polo-shirt(5 fabric parts):white knit fabric,1 button, 1 loop

Shorts(2 fabric parts):white cotton twill fabric, YKK zipper, 1snap, back pocket stitching

Socks(1 fabric part/single sock):white knit fabric

1962 #790 TIME FOR TENNIS:カーディガン、ポロシャツ、ショートパンツ、ソックス、テニスシューズ、ボール2、ラケット、サングラス $3.00


私のTime For Tennisはボールが1つ欠けています





missing one ball
1961 #850 blonde ponytail Barbie in 1962-63 #941 Tennis, Anyone?(missing balls)/ 1962 #750 brunette flocked hair Ken in 1962 #790 Time For Tennis(missing a ball)