Ken Fashion 1962

Ken Fashion 1962 #790 Time For Tennis (missing one ball)/ヴィンテージケン衣装コレクション 1962年 #790 Time For Tennis(ボール1なし)

1962 #790 Time For Tennis:cardigan ,polo-shirt, socks, shorts,shoes,ball,racket, sunglasses $3.00

My Time For Tennis is missing a ball

Cardigan(6fabric parts+piping parts3):white knit fabric(maybe acrylic), navy jersey fabric, red fabric, label

Polo-shirt(5 fabric parts):white knit fabric,1 button, loop

Shorts(2 fabric parts):white cotton twill fabric,YKK zipper, 1snap, back pocket stitching

Socks(1 fabric part):white knit fabric

white polo-shirt was also set on #1408 Fraternity Meeting(1964)

Tennis shoes can be found 1964-67 Shoes For Sports, 1965 #1403 Going Bowling, 1966 #1420 Jazz Concert,#1423 Ken A Go Go(1966)

Sunglasses can be found 1963 #798 Ski Champion,1971 Sun Fun, 1972 Beach Beat

Ball can be found 1963 #792 Play Ball,Sportsman, and various Barbie family outfits.


1962 #790 Time For Tennis:カーディガン、ポロシャツ、ショートパンツ、ソックス、テニスシューズ、ボール2、ラケット、サングラス $3.00

私のTime For Tennisはボールが1つ欠けています









白いポロシャツは#1408 Fraternity Meeting(1964)にもセットされる

テニスシューズは,1964-67 Shoes For Sports, 1965 #1403 Going Bowling, 1966 #1420 Jazz Concert,#1423 Ken A Go Go(1966)”にもセットされる。

サングラスは 1963 #798 Ski Champion,1971 Sun Fun, 1972 Beach Beatにもセットされる

ボールはバービーファミリーのいろいろな衣装にセットされる。ヴィンテージケン衣装では1963 #792 Play Ball とSportsman


1962年に販売されたケンの衣装(衣装番号が付いている)は3つ。その中の1つがこのTime For Tennis.




Left:1963 #750 early painted hair Ken. Right:1963 #750 painted hair Ken. the model of thier hand is old. hooray! they can actually hold the rackets with the old type hands!




My three tennis outfits. misshing 1 racket and 5 balls.



Six fashion pak poloshirts(2red,2yellow,2olive) and three Time For Tennis white poloshirts.



From the left: 1966 #1020 blushing bendable leg Ken, 1964 #750 painted hair Ken, 1964 #1000 Allan wearing 1962 #790 Time For Tennis (without rackets and balls) they can not hold the rackets with their new arms!
They have fun the different colour shades Time Fir Tennis… Left brunette Ken: fashion pak red poloshirt/accessory pak red socks. middle blonde Ken:fashion pak yellow poloshirt/#785 Dream Boat yellow socks. right Allan:fashion pak olive poloshirt/#1422 Summer Job olive socks.