Exploring Ken fashion 1962

Ken Fashion 1962 #790 TIME FOR TENNIS(missing-one ball)

1962 #790 TIME FOR TENNIS: cardigan ,polo-shirt, socks, shorts, shoes, ball, racket, sunglasses $3.00

Many costumes made in Japan for Barbie family product in the 60’s has ‘paper tag’ in addition to the label. now I suspect it’s probably from 1962. however these paper tag were NOT sewn on all Japan-made costume.

My outfit missing a ball.

Cardigan-9 patterns :white acrylic knit parts(3),  navy knit fabric(3), red fabric(3), label

Polo shirt-5 patterns :white knit fabric(5),1 button/1 loop(thread)

Shorts-2 patterns:white fabric(2), YKK zipper, 1 snap/ back pocket stitching

Socks-2 patterns:white knit fabric(1/single)

1962 #790 TIME FOR TENNIS:カーディガン、ポロシャツ、ショートパンツ、ソックス、テニスシューズ、ボール2、ラケット、サングラス $3.00



私のTime For Tennisはボールが1つ欠けています





missing one ball
1961 #850 blonde ponytail Barbie in 1962-63 #941 Tennis, Anyone?(missing balls)/ 1962 #750 brunette flocked hair Ken in 1962 #790 Time For Tennis(missing a ball)