Barbie Fashion

バービー&ケン ウェディング①/1963 #864 “FASHION QUEEN” BARBIE & KEN TROUSSEAU SET(part)


2人が最初に揃ったウェディングスタイルは1963年のギフトセット。バービーのドレスは#947Bride’s Dream(1963)、ケンのタキシードはギフトセット仕様。


Wedding gown #947 “Bride’s Dream” and variation tuxedo(sold in this set only) are sown on an original card(roughly30×3.5cm). it’s a PART of a luxurious and expensive giftset 1963 #864 “Trousseau set” in my collection.


1963 booklet has shown a full-picture of the gift set. 1963 3rd #750 Ken(brunette or blonde) and #870 Fashion queen Barbie had been a set. this gift set could be considered that $3.5-4 deals.


ブックレットで紹介されている価格は$25、The Inflation Calculator(によると1963年の$25は2018年の$207.42(約23100円)で計算されます、このギフトセットはその後デパートメントストアカタログで$12.88のバーゲン価格になった記録があるそうです。


1959-1967年の間にバービーは4種類のウェディングドレスを着ました、今回のギフトセットにセットされたのは2番目のドレス#947Bride’s Dream(1963-1965)。ブライズドリームの衣装にさらにアクセサリ(ブルーの下着)が追加され、パールのネックレスはウェディング衣装ではない台紙にセットされています。



In this gift set, Tuxedo does not have boutonniere/cummerband/corsage/dress shirt. Ken uses Saturday Date’s shirt insted of Tuxedo shirt. the most special thing is the WHITE TIE which had been set on only this gift set insted of normal burgundy tie. this absolutely special item is VHTF.




I place broken ruber band pieces on his jacket, the white tie was broken by aged deterioratien.


Different ways of the packaging. Ken shoes are in a plastic bag, but Barbie shoes has been covered with a plastic mold.



Instruction is printed on the card. “bouquet” written in Japanese.



“blue” tapes has stucked on the back of the card. maybe someone put them as “something new” !


This Ken doll and his outfit are all original, he came from another Trousseau set to my collection so I am fortunate to have got two rare white ties! This Fashion-queen doll was sold in 60’s in Japan, I took over her from her original owner 24 years ago. she has never been to oversea since she was manufactured in Japan.