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Ken Fashion 1966 #1425 Best Man

1966 # #1425 Best Man: jacket, shirt, trousers, bow tie, cummerbund,  socks, shoes  $4.00

Jacket-9 patterns:white fabric(8), white nylon fabric(1), label, 1 button, 1 loop(elastic)/2 decorative pockets, half lining

Dress shirt-6 patterns :white cotton fabric(6), 1 snap, 3 buttons/lace decorations, unsewn collar

Trousers-2 patterns:black fabric(2), 1 snap, YKK zipper, 2 side stripes/front pocket stitching, back pocket stitching, fly stitching

Cummerbund-1 pattern:red satin fabric(1),red elastic band

Bow tie-2 patterns:red satin fabric(2), elastic band

Socks-2 patterns:black knit fabric(1/single)

Best Man jacket is made of only 9 sewing patterns, it’s the smallest number among vintage Ken jacket.

Best Man jacket’s white fabric is the same as the white trousers from 1965 #1405 Roller Skate Date.

Best Man trousers has got side lines on the both side of trousers same as #787 Tuxedo but the Best man’s side lines(fabric tapes) are just sewn to trousers, not “piping” so Best Man trousers are made of 2 fabric parts like many other vintage Ken trousers. (His Tuxedo trousers are made of 4 fabric parts and the side lines are made by piping processing).

Best Man jacket looks very similar to the two 1966 jackets(#1421 Seein’ The Sights and #1422 Summer Job), but the sewing pattern is different.

Regular Best Man trousers the weave of the fabric is diagonal but the trousers of mine the weave is horizontal. this fabric comes from 1965 Ricky #1503 Sunday Suits trousers, obviously stock fabrics were used for my Japanese-Best Man(K1425) trousers.

ジャケットのパターンは、同じ1966年の#1421Seein’ The Sights,#142Summer Jobのジャケットのパターンにとても似ていますが違います。

Tuxedoのスラックスと同じように、Best Man のスラックスにも側章(サイドライン)があります。Best Manのスラックスはその他のヴィンテージケンのスラックスと同じように2枚の生地パーツから作られていて、側章(サイドライン)が縫い付けられています。



1966 #1070 bendable leg Barbie in 1966 #1656 Fashion Luncheon/1966 #1020 blonde blushing Ken in 1966 #1425 Best Man
1966 #1020 brunette blushing Ken wearing 1966 #1425 Best Man jacket & shirt, 1965 #1405 Roller Skate Date trousers(they are the same white fabric!)
1966 K1425(#0750 blushing Ken) & 1966 #1020 blushing Ken wearing 1966 #1425 Best Man shirts and trousers.