Exploring Ken fashion 1963

GIFT SET 1963 #864 ‘FASHION QUEEN’ BARBIE & KEN TROUSSEAU SET(Ken parts comparison)

Compare my three Ken parts of 1963 #864 Trousseau Set gift sets, they are ‘still on card’, ‘all original(with #750) ‘, and ‘almost original(seems to be)’.  unfortunately I haven’t found ‘Barbie part’ yet, but I only have a wedding costume section which still sewn on a card. as far as I can see the card, her wedding gown hasn’t any special specifications like Ken’s groom costume.

1963年の #864 Trousseau Setを比べます。私のところには’カード台紙の状態’、’#750人形を含めてすべてオリジナル’、’ほとんどオリジナル’の3つのケンのパートがあります。このウェディングギフトセットは1963-64年のブックレット(白/青/黄色)に紹介されます。ケンのタキシードは#787Tuxedoとは違い、ギフトセット仕様です。ジャケットのラペルに花が縫われず、レギュラータイプの白いシャツを使います。とても特別なアクセサリは白い蝶ネクタイです。


1. my card version(only wedding part)

30 × 33.5cm


wedding gown(#947 Bride’s Dream): R label, paper tag’27-8′, *500 snaps

Red playsuit: R label, paper tag ‘0410’, *500snaps

Tuxedo jacket: TM label, paper tag’921′

White shirt: TM label, paper tag’24’, *500snaps

2. my #864 Trousseau Set Ken part with original #750 Ken(all original)

Tuxedo jacket: TM label

white shirt: TM label, paper tag’24’, *500snaps

Grey jacket: TM label, paper tag’02-B’

Grey trousers: K510 snap

Printed shirt: TM label, *500 snaps

Beach jacket: TM label, paper tag’02-V’

3.my second #864 Trousseau Set Ken part(the red shorts, bermuda shorts, and briefs are not original. I’ve added.)

Tuxedo jacket: TM label

white shirt: TM label, paper tag’24’, *500snaps

Grey jacket: TM label, paper tag’24’

Grey trousers: paper tag’24’, *500snap

Printed shirt: TM label, paper tag’28’, *500 snaps

Beach jacket: TM label, paper tag’02-B’





my second #864 grey suits has ’24’ paper tags however each methods are different. on the jacket, the paper tag is sewn with the Ken label. the trousers paper tag is also sewn though it could be attached after completion. the shirt’s paper tag is just an iron- tag .
1963 #750 blonde painted hair ken wearing 1963 #864 Trousseau set groom costume/original #864 #750 brunette Ken wearing his original groom costume