Exploring Ken fashion 1963

Ken fashion 1963 #791 FUN ON ICE

Sometimes the colour may change slightly due to differences in production lots, but I don’t think this ‘beige’ and ‘mustard’ are different lots. FUN ON ICE comes in at least two different colours.

I also found a golden yellow knit cap which looks like a different. this gold-yellow is pretty bright yellow, but I’ve been looking for a long time and can’t find the rest things. If your FUN ON ICE has bright golden-yellow, please let me know!

1963 #791 FUN ON ICE:argyle sweater, trousers, cap, mittons, muffler, skate shoes $3.00

Sweater-4 knit parts+5 trim parts: diamond pattern knit fabric(4), black knit fabric(5), label

Trousers-2 patterns: gold corduroy fabric(2), 1 snap, YKK zipper/ front pocket stitching, 1 back stitching, fly stitching




生産ロットの違いで色がすこし変わる場合もありますが、こちらの’ベージュ’と’マスタード’はロット違いではないと思います。 FUN ON ICE には、少なくとも 2 つの異なる色があります。

また、違う色’明るい黄色’の帽子も発見しています。 この黄色はかなり明るい黄色ですが、長い間探していて残りの物が見つかりません。 あなたのが明るい黄色なら、私に知らせてください!

beige version/TM


beige version TM/R
two mustard versions


1963 #750 brunette early painted hair Ken in 1963 #791 FUN ON ICE(mustard)/1963 #750 brunette painted hair Ken in 1963 #791 FUN ON ICE(beige).
1963 #750 brunette painted hair Ken in 1963 #791 FUN ON ICE(beige)/1964 #0750 blonde painted hair Ken in #0791 FUN ON ICE(beige/missing a muffler/R label)

Again, if yours is bright golden-yellow, please let me know!

あなたのFUN ON ICEが明るい黄色の場合は、ぜひお知らせください!

beige, mustard, and golden yellow from the left.
three 1963 #750 Kens wearing 1963 #791 FUN ON ICE. from the left, beige, mustard, and a slightly darker mustard.