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Ken Fashion 1963 Fashion PAK BOXING OUTFIT

1963 Fashion PAK BOXING: towel, boxer shorts, socks, boxing gloves, shoes $1.00

The boxing gloves can not be attached to his old type hands. Ken dolls without the gloves here has old type hands.

Boxer Shorts-2 patterns :blue satin fabric(2), white cotton tape, label, elastic

Socks-2 patterns :white knit fabric(1/single)

Towel-1 pattern :yellow towel cloth(1)


1963 Fashion PAK BOXING: タオル、ボクシングショーツ、ソックス、ボクシンググローヴ、靴 $1.00





Front. 上のボクサーショーツはラベルを付け忘れられたようです
Back. the boxer shorts(top) seems to have been forgotten to sew the label
1963 #860 blonde Midge(2nd version) wearing original swim-suit, boxing gloves. socks and tennis shoes from #941 Tennis, Anyone/1963 #750 blonde early painted hair Ken in 1963 fashion PAK Boxing outfit
The Boxers1 1963 #750 brunette painted hair Ken/1963 #750 blonde hair Ken(turquoise eyes)
The boxers2. 1961-62 #750 brunette flocked hair Ken/1963 #750 blonde early painted hair Ken