Japanese Advertisement

Japanese Barbie advertisement 1967/日本のバービー 1967年

There are Japanese Barbie advertisements of 1967.

1967 Japanese advertisements removed Ken/new Midge/Allan/Skipper/Skooter/Ricky. they were introduced as ‘Barbie Family’ until the previous year. really shame that they were excluded from Japanese advertisement since 1967 even though they were still on sale.

The first one shown below is from Japanese Toy Magazine Apr 1967. advertiser was Kokusai Boueki, Japanese manufacturer and sales maker. their name is written in ⓀⒷmark and Kanji, with the white writing on the black base on the bottom.

it is interesting to see that #1150 Barbie was cold ‘Barbie Bendable’.  #1020 bendable leg Ken would be also cold ‘Ken Bendable’ if he was sold in Japan.

‘Barbie Bendable’ Apr 1967 Japanese toy magazine.





下の画像は月間トイジャーナル8月。”東京玩具商報”は1967年7月から名前が”Toy Journal”になります。


from Aug 1967 Japanese Toy Journal.


Lovely colour advertisement from 19 Sep 1967 Japanese weekly girls magazine “Friend”.
from Sep 1967 Japanese Toy Journal.


from Oct 1967 Japanese Toy Journal.