Exploring Ken fashion 1961

Ken Fashion 1961 #784 TERRY TOGS (complete?)

1961 #784 TERRY TOGS: robe, belt, towel, slippers, comb, soap, shaver, under pants, sponge $2.00

The body and sleeves of the robe are made of surprisingly just one piece of towel cloth!

Robe-3 patterns :thin towel cloth(3), label/1 patch pocket, monogram ‘K'(embroidery or print)

Belt-1 pattern :thin towel cloth(1)

Under pants-1 pattern : white knit fabric(1), elastic

Slippers-6 patterns: thin towel cloth(3/one slipper, made by bonding), paper(core)

Towel-1 pattern : yellow towel cloth(1)

This robe turns white when bleached, but the colours of ‘K'(either embroidery or print) and label remain unchanged even strong bleach.


1961 #784 TERRY TOGS:ローブ、ベルト、タオル、スリッパ、シェーバ、くし、スポンジ、せっけん、アンダーパンツ $2.00

ローブ-パターン 3:薄いタオルの生地(3)、ラベル/ポケット、モノグラム’K'(刺繍かプリント) 刺繍モノグラムは初期ヴァージョンです。




タオル-1:黄色のタオルの生地(1)/’His’プリント 平織が無く全面がタオルの生地のタオルもあります。


1961-62 #750 brunette flocked hair Ken in embroidery version #784 Terry Togs robe /1961 #750 light brownette flocked hair Ken in printed version #784 Terry Togs robe.
1961 #850 blonde ponytail Barbie with his shaver/1961-62 #750 blonde flocked hair in 1961 #784 Terry Togs(deep blue version, printed ‘K’).