Exploring Ken fashion 1961

Bleaching Experiment. you can make a WHITE robe easily from Ken’s Terry Togs!/ブリーチ実験。白いローブはTerry Togsから簡単に作ることが出来ます。

This is a report of my experiment with bleaching. this can be proof that the white version Terry Togs could be a bleached regular blue one.

I used my robe/belt/slippers from regular pale blue version #784 Terry Togs to white variation.

Also I used CLOROX bleach(very popular product which has been used for many years in the U.S) and tap water for the predictive experiment.

One slipper sole came off due to soaking a long time, but the label and monogram did not change after bleaching.

I think white robe was bleached already in the 60’s and later, OR it was purposely made as a rare item. this is the reason why white robe appears regularly, but no information, no their NRFB versions.


これはケン衣装1961年#784 Terry Togsをレギュラー製品の薄いブルーからレアな白色にする実験です。Terry Togsの白色のバスローブは’レア’と’入手困難’として定期的にebayなどに登場します。



ネットオークションなどに登場する白色のTerry Togsは1960年代やその後に既に漂白されていたか、’レア品’として漂白をしたものだと思います

これがケンの白色のバスローブTerry Togsが定期的に現れるのに情報が無く、NRFBが無い理由だと思います。


Photo below, the left robe is I bought from ebay, it was sold as ‘Hard To Find’. the right robe with accessories are the result of my experiment this time.

Before bleaching /実験前

After bleaching/実験後