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Ken Fashion 1961 #786 SATURDAY DATE(1961 version)

1961 #786:SATURDAY DATE: jacket, long-sleeved shirt, trousers, tie, socks, shoes $4.00

This outfit is one of four outfits with ‘full-lining jacket'(#785 Dream Boat/#786 Saturday Date/#787 Tuxedo/#1401 Special Date).

1964 #1401 Special Date jacket is made of the same sewing pattern as #786 Saturday Date. also this jacket has the largest numbers of sewing patterns(19 parts! many processes) among vintage Ken clothing.

Jacket-19 patterns:grey fabric(14), light grey liner fabric(5), white cotton fabric(pocket chief),label, 3 buttons/full lining,  2 darts, 3 button hole stitching, 2 button loop(thread), 1 breast pocket, 2 decorative pockets,1 bent

Long sleeved white shirt-10 patterns:white cotton fabric(10), label,2 snaps, 3 buttons/sewn collar, 1 pocket, cuffs, yoke

Trousers-2 patterns :grey fabric(2), YKK zipper/turns, fly stitching

Tie-1 pattern:stripes fabric(1), elastic band

Socks-2 patterns: black nylon fabric(1/single)

1961 #786 SATURDAY DATE:ジャケット、スラックス、長そでシャツ、ネクタイ、ソックス、靴 $4.00


この衣装は総裏地のジャケットを持っている4つの衣装の1つです(#785 Dream Boat/#786 Saturday Date/#787 Tuxedo/#1401 Special Date)。

1964年#1401 Special Dateのジャケットも同じパターンで作られています。またこのジャケットはパターン数19パーツです、ヴィンテージケンの衣装の中でパーツ数が最も多いジャケットです。






1961 #850 brunette ponytail Barbie in 1961-62 #985 Open Road(complete)/1961 #750 brownette flocked hair Ken in 1961 #786 Saturday Date

The stripe fabric was used for some fashions