Japanese Advertisement

1967 Japanese promotional article

American President Lines(APL) the cargo ship company started their transportation business in 1961. in this report, APL’s President Tyler recorded the 10000th loading of standard container on 11th Sep 1967 and the commemorative ceremony was held on the same day in Yokohama in Japan. the 10000th container contained Barbie, sipped to Mattle in the U.S.

their 6000 containers out of the 10000 standard containers so far were Barbie. the size of the container was 8×8×20 feet, one box contained about $10000 worth of Barbie. Also according to the article, their first passenger in 1961 was also Barbie. from Oct 1967 Japanese Toy Magazine. it seems to be a promotional article by APL and Kokusai Boeki.