日本のバービー 1965年/Barbie Japanese advertisemets of 1965

Shown here are 1965 Barbie Japanese advertisements and a picture. I have found three advertisements and one sales scene picture until now. not many though, we can find out what notable things happened just by looking at these.


Fantastic advertisement from Jan 1965 Japanese toy magazine

How exciting! the Ken wearing a KIMONO!! Ken was always photographed wearing the same Tuxedo in Japanese advertisement though this time he looks great!




Mar 1965 Weekly girls magazine MARGARET.

In Japan, Skipper was introduced in Nov 1964. Although there were no any Japanese advertisemets which specialised in Ken/Midge, Skipper had the opportunity to be promoted.

1965年3月 週刊マーガレット。



Dec 1965 Japnese Toy magazine.

In Japan, “Midge” was introduced in Apr 1964 as Barbie’s best friend but stopped advertising her in 1965. instead of her, “NEW MIDGE” was produced in later 1965 as Japanese exclusive. poor Midge!

Also-in Japanese advertisement, they were named and called “Barbie’s Family” during 1965-1966. at this time:Barbie/Barbie bendable/Ken/New Midge/Skipper

1965年12月 東京玩具商報


ここで彼等は”Barbie’s Family(バービーファミリー)”という名前で呼ばれています。メンバーはこの時点でバービー/バービーベンダブル/ケン/ニュウミッヂ/スキッパー。このグループ名が使われたのは1965-1966年。


Lovely sales scene was photographed in 1965 in Tokyo. shame that this book made a mistake writing the discription and the store name was not written though, this photograph is still interesting. we can see boxed Barbie outfits in the background, some of them looks unusual.

there are no boxed Ken outfits. only Ken thing we can notice is “pennant” on the wall.




If I ever find any other 1965 Japanese Barbie advertisement, I add them on this article. keep this site up to date please!