Vintage Barbie 1960

Study Enchanted Evening gown/Barbie Fashion 1960 #983 ENCHANTED EVENING

#983 ENCHANTED EVENING was listed in the US Barbie booklets bit ween 1960-63. In addition, this outfit was sold in the Japan(the first seems to be 1962) and some Japanese exclusive version also appeared. this gorgeous outfit also sold in Europe after 1964. Enchanted Evening outfit was made for quite a long time and it’s one of the most mass-produced outfit.


I took apart regular version pink gown with pink rose this time and I found out-it’s made of only 2 pieces of cloths. the sewing pattern is simple, but genius. I doubt that How many seamstresses can make this right with out a sample? if there was no sample, maybe this outfit was made by a group who understood the structure in a place like factory, but this is just a my personal opinion..


How is this rose attached on? it’s very easy, the stem of rose is made of wire and just hook the wire on the tuck part of the gown so clearly this rose version is obviously easier than beads version, because the beads version needs needle and thread to attach the beads.

#983 Enchanted Eveningは1960-63年のブックレットに登場していました。さらに日本でも販売されていて(おそらく1962年から)、USレギュラー品ではない日本仕様のドレスも登場していました。また1964年からヨーロッパでも販売されていました。Enchanted Eveningはかなり長い期間作られた、大量に生産された衣装の1つだと思います。



この花はどのようにドレスに付いているか? この造花は茎が針金になっています。その針金をドレスに引っかけてあるだけで全く縫われていません。ビーズヴァージョンのビーズは針と糸でドレスに縫われています。造花ヴァージョンは明らかに1つの工程がとても簡単になっています。


Three regular versions of 1960 #983 Enchanted Evening. PINK ROSE/BEADS/WHITE ROSE from the left.