Barbie Fashion

ヴィンテージバービー 1959年③ ゲイパリジェンヌ/Barbie Fashion 1959 #964 Gay Parisienne(from TY collection/R label without ©/complete)

Famous 1959 outfit Gay Parisienne from TY collection is here! this outfit is very excellent condition, looks almost never used. another Gay Parisienne(mine) joins from the middle of this article. both outfits has “R” labels but they are slightly different from normal R label. On R labels shown here, there are no “©” marks in front of “BY MATTEL”. apparently there were two types of R label. I have attached some photos, please look and compare them.

1960 #850 #3 Barbie in 1959 #964 Gay Parisiennne. Earrings/shoes/gloves are not used for shooting. sometimes original accessories are fragile. replacements are used insted of them.

ヴィンテージバービーの1959年の有名な衣装、3番目はGay Parisienne。TMコレクションからの紹介です。このGay Parisienneはとても状態が良く、ほとんど遊ばれていないと思います。



1959 #964 Gay Parisienne:チュールハット、バブルドレス、手袋、イヤリング、ネックレス、靴、ファーストール、バッグ













An original paper form and a bubble dress.


Two Parisiennes! the left is from my collection.

2人に増えたパリジェンヌ! 左側のGay Parisienneは私が所有しています。


Gay Parisienneはアメリカンガールにも似合うと思います、アメリカンガールは足が小さくて柔らかいのでオリジナルの靴を使っています。

An American couple in Paris! 1966 #1020 blushing Ken in 1966 #1426 Here Comes The Groom and 1966 American girl Barbie in 1959 #96 Gay Parisenne.
Two gals in Paris. they are wearing the original shoes with holes in the soles.


Gay Parisienneにセットされる靴の色は右側。左側は#916 Commuter Set(1959)にセットされる靴、しかし左側のチュールハットの色とマッチしている。

Different tulle colours, different sandals. the right shoes is correct. the left shoes should be set to #916 Commuter Set(1959) but it is perfect colour for the left hat.


TYコレクションのGay Parisienneには手縫いの手袋がセットされています。右側が手縫いの手袋。

Glove comparisons. the right side gloves are sewn by hand stitches.



このRタグは通常のRタグとは違い”BY MATTEL”の前に”©”が無い。その為に字の配置も通常のRタグとは違う。比べてみてください。


In these labes, there are no “©” marks in front of “BY MATTEL”.


通常のRタグ、”BY MATTEL”の前に”©”がある。

This is normal R label. “©” mark written before “BY MATTEL”.





Apparently there were two types of R label. Photos below are all labels without “©”. found them from the internet. 



TM/R means a claim of right to the “Barbie” logo, also © means the right to doll shape and design. probably “R without ©” label was used by some mistake, used for a short time.  this is my guess.


TM label with “©” mark


Thank you so much for your passion for vintage Barbie, TY san!  I will never forget your kind words and “Postal accident would not happen”. yes, not happend as you said!