Japanese Exclusive/Irregular product

Ken Japanese BEST MAN(trousers are using Ricky #1503 SUNDAY SUITS fabric)

Here are Japanese BEST MAN trousers which are made of the black fabric of Ricky’s 1965 #1503 SUNDAY SUITS.

photo below from the left, regular BEST MAN trousers, Japanese BEST MAN trousers(Ricky’s fabric), Ricky #1503 SUNDAY SUITS trousers.

Regarding the Japanese specification of Ken, I’ve confirmed below items so far.

1:Almost the same as regular items, but with different some small point like buttons or lining (Dream Boat, Tuxedo)
2:The sewing pattern is the same but the fabric of another costume is used (Best Man trousers)-I also found a Tuxedo-shirt(panel) with a different costume’s fabric, but I don’t know if it’s a Japanese specification.
3:The sewing pattern is the same and another fabric(Japan only) is used(Here Comes The Groom tailcoat)

Ricky’s 1965 #1503 SUNDAY SUITS の生地を使用した日本の BEST MANのスラックスです。

下の写真は左から通常のBEST MAN、日本製BEST MAN(Ricky’s fabric)、Ricky #1503 SUNDAY SUITS.

Close-up photo. the left is the regular product trousers which the weave of regular fabric is diagonal. the right is the Japanese variation with Ricky’s fabric.

クローズ アップ写真。 左はレギュラー生地の織りが斜めになっているレギュラー商品のトラウザーズです。 右はリッキーの生地を使った和風バリエーション。


1:通常品とほぼ同じ、ボタンや裏地などの細かい点が異なる(Dream Boat, Tuxedo)
2:縫製パターンは同じ、別衣装の生地を使用(Best Man スラックス)別衣装の生地のタキシードシャツ(パネル)も発見しましたが、日本仕様かどうかはわかりません。
3:縫製パターンは同じ、別生地(日本限定)を使用(Here Comes The Groom燕尾服)

1966 #1020 brushing Ken wearing Japanese BEST MAN(another fabric trousers).
the fabric of this trousers is completely different from the regular trousers, but it looks almost the same.