Japanese Exclusive/Irregular product

Ricky Japanese SUNDAY SUIT (using #1423 Ken A Go Go fabric/different style fastening)

According to some sources Ricky fashion #1503 Sunday Suit was sold from 1965 to around 1968. my irregular version(below) has used the Ken fashion 1966 #1423 KEN A GO GO fabric in the jacket. probably my version was made of leftover and sold in Japan after 1967.

Additionally, the fly area is simplified in my trousers, doesn’t have the zipper and a snap. a button is sewn instead. the black fabric is completely the same as regular version.

リッキーの衣装 1965年#1503 SUNDAY SUITは、1968年あたりまで販売されていたようです。下の画像の衣装は1966年のケン衣装 #1423 KEN A GO GOの生地が使われています。おそらく1967年以降にケン衣装の余りの生地で作られ、日本で販売された衣装と思われます。


#1090 pink skin Ricky in Japanese SUNDAY SUIT
#1090 Ricky in regular version 1965 #1503 SUNDAY SUIT.
Ricky A Go Go. the guitar comes from 1966 #1423 KEN A GO GO