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PAT.139119 Japanese design patent number for Barbie and friends

PAT.139119 was a Japanese DESIGN PATENT number(not ‘patent’ number) for Barbie. this number was provided to vintage Barbie and friends product had been sold in Japan.

In PAT 139119, a representative of sample type Barbie was registered and 16 type of female doll(15 type Barbie/1 type Midge) were additional registered as ‘similar’. any male doll and child doll were not added on PAT.139119. therefore it could be said that this number doesn’t corresponds male/child doll like Ken,Skipper,etc.. although PAT.139119 was written countless times on various types of friend doll box and outfit box.

According to the data base of Japan Patent Office, design patent PAT.139119 was registered by Kokusai Boueki in July 1958. (seems to have expired already)

Application date:1st Oct 1957/Registration date:5th July 1958/Owner:Kokusai Boueki

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