Japanese Exclusive/Irregular product

Japanese ensemble fashion on two-color card

These were sold in Japan in 2022, but haven’t heard any proper information about them. only I could to know is that these were stored with no box.

These cards are large: 26.5×35.5 cm as the same size as #787/0787 Tuxedo,#0772 The Prince, #0773 King Arthur. some card has marks from repeated sewing, marks from multiple needles, and writing with a pen and especially the Yachtsman card and Campus Hero card doesn’t look like these were really for sale.


これらのカードは大きく、#787/0787 Tuxedo、#0772 The Prince、#0773 King Arthurと同じサイズの 26.5 × 35.5 cm です。 一部のカードには、繰り返し縫った跡、複数の針の跡、ペンで書いた跡があり、特にYachtsmanとCampus Heroのカードは、実際に販売されたようには見えません。


Dream Boat:1962 Japanese catalogue, 1962 style trousers(K510 snap/YKK zip), shirt(K510 snap/TM/02V5), jacket(TM/02P), few holes beside the shoes, the sew thread is generally good.


Time For Tennis:1964 Japanese catalogue, TM label, ’06’ paper tag, ‘*555’ snap, no hole on the card. the sew thread is perfect.


Below cards below has marks from repeated sewing, marks from multiple needles, and writing with a pen.

Campus Hero: 1962 Japanese catalogue, 1962 style trousers(G510 snap/YKK zip/TM label),some ghost holes.


Yachtsman: the sew thread is messy, many holes, has writing with pen. 1964 Japanese catalogue, trousers(K510/YKK zip), wind breaker(TM/13), 1964 cap.


The yachtsman’s number ‘789’ is written under the erased with a pen.
Also, there is written ‘book’ in Japanese under the erasing with pen.