Japanese Exclusive/Irregular product

K787 variation?/corsage as boutonniere

Ken as the cover boy of 1964 Japanese catalogue. his jacket has a corsage as boutonniere.
K787 1964 Japanese catalogue

1964 Japanese catalogue use a Ken wearing tuxedo on the cover. as you can see, his jacket has a corsage as boutonniere. K787 seems to had been sold in these style sometimes in Japan. K787 variation-these corsage are sewn on the top of the original boutonniere.  I’ve found two K787 variations from Japan which seems to be ‘correct’.

I’ve also seem a similar style tuxedo in few American advertisements(1964-65), but I am not sure if it was really sold in the US.


K787/#750 blonde flocked hair Ken/1961 and 1964 mix

‘R’ labelled jacket(corsage on the lapel)/’R’ labelled 1964 style shirt(unsewn collar)/1961 style trousers(probably leftovers).

K787/#750 blonde flocked hair Ken. this was sold after 1964 in Japan.




K787/#0750 brunette painted hair Ken(after 1965)/1965 Tuxedo has a corsage as boutonniere 

‘R’ labelled jacket(1965 fabric, corsage on the lapel)/unlabelled 1964 style shirt(unsewn collar)

1964 K787/1965 K787 corsage as boutonniere versions.


TM label jackets with corsage as boutonniere. 

the corsage of the left jacket is glued on the top of the original boutonniere, it seems to be glued by someone in later years.

1964 #0850 Barbie wearing Japanese version Enchanted Evening B983 made with vibrant fabric(Plasticker collection)/K787(after 1965)