“バービー” 日本の商標/”Barbie” Trademark Right of JAPAN

This story is about Barbie’s trademark registration of Japan. as of 6th July 2019, 42 “Barbie” trademark rights are registrated in Japan.




Shown left is a trademark right of “Barbie”. a part of a public relations issued by Japanese patent office. the appricant was Mattel, requested for registaration on 5th May 1960 and registrated on 5th Feb 1962.


Shown right is a Barbie Japanese advertisement Jan 1962. I have never seen any Japanese advertisement before this, I think this may be the first Japanese Barbie (prospective)advertisement.


Shown left is trademark 42 samples which already has been registrated(as of 6th Jul 2019). there are no registrated things with TM/R.


“Barbie ” trademark rights registration in Japan.

Application date:5th Sep 1960/registration date:5th Feb 1962

the owner of 42 Japanese trademark rights is Mattel up to the present time. KokusaiBoueki was not involved at all in this story.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, my sunshine Marlle.