Exploring Ken fashion 1965

Ken Fashion 1965 #1405 ROLLER SKATE DATE(1965 version)

1965 #1405 ROLLER SKATE DATE: sweater, trousers, shoes $2.00

Sweater-4 knit parts+5 trim parts: diamond pattern knit fabric(4), orange knit fabric(5), label

Trousers-2 patterns:white cotton fabric(2), 1 snap, YKK zipper/ front pocket stitching, 1 back pocket, fly stitching

Bendable leg seems impossible to wear the skate shoes.

the same fabric of this white fabric(trousers) is also used to 1966 #1425 Best Man so we can make a gorgeous white suit with those! The 60’s Ken did not have a white suits, moreover that white suits can be made with proper products!


1965 #1405 ROLLER SKATE DATE: セーター、スラックス、靴 $2.00



1965 #1020 blonde bendable leg Ken in 1965 #1405 Roller Skate Date(with no skate shoes).
1964 #1000 Allan in 1964 #1405 Roller Skate Date and white slacks from 1964 version #0770 Campus Hero /#0750 Ken(after 1965) in 1965 #1405 Roller Skate Date.
1965 #1080 bendable leg Midge in 1965 #1628 Brunch Time/#0750 brunette Ken(after 1965) in 1965 #1405 Roller Skate Date.


1965年ヴァージョンのRoller Skate Dateと同じ生地が1966年#1425 BestManのジャケットに使われました。これらの2つを合わせるとかっこいい’白いスーツ’をつくることが出来ます!にすることが出来ます。1960年代のケンが持っていなかった白いスーツを、オリジナルの衣装で作ることができます。