bendable leg box comparison(my two ‘printed in JAPAN’ boxes)

This is a one of observation of the box for vintage bendable leg doll. I’ve divided my boxes into ‘Printed in USA’ and ‘Printed in Japan’ versions. these are my two ‘Printed in JAPAN’ boxes. As you can see, they have got ‘K+number’ stamp inside of the cover box, but not all box received this stamp so these are just three boxes of those receiving the stamp.

I’m half expecting that America sent their box(US-printed) to Japan at some where in manufacturing of the vintage bendable leg doll, then Japan duplicated almost the same design and wrote ‘Made and printed in Japan’ on the box. I can see from my Japan-printed Barbie box(it’s broken though) that Japan worked hard on the duplication-box, there are many processing lines on the cardboard. my Allan box(also Japan-printed) hasn’t these lines.

Japan-printed box are added some improvements. ‘hair colour’ is written directly on the box lid instead of sticker(except Allan box) and there are ‘fold-lines’ for opening easy, I realized that it’s certainly easy to open with this. Not only these, I found a reinforcing tape on my two boxes. the tapes are put from the back side, probably to reinforce the window hole. I also found another ‘tape’ at the bottom of my two boxes. apparently my Allan’s plastic pack(booklet and shoes inside) was taped on the box. even though my Barbie box has been cut out, I  found the part of the reinforcing tape and tape on the box. America may had requested Japan these points, however I feel these are very Japanese improvements from Japanese perspective…I’ve examined only these two boxes so far. Please let me know if you ever have know a ‘Printed in Japan’ box with no fold lines; with no reinforcing tape on the back side.

According to the site, the colour of the wrist band for bendable leg Ken/Allan in JAPAN-printed box are ‘half-coloured’. I’ve shown my boxed Allan and also attached some pictures of examples from the internet. we can see that their wrist bands are half-coloured

Bendable leg Barbie was also sold in 1960’s in Japan(Japan name was ‘Barbie Bendable’) . they wore various costumes and maybe sold in the Japan- printed box.



私のベンダブルレッグバービーの箱はボロボロですが加工の線があります。(アランの箱には加工の線がありません)。私の想像ですが、ベンダブルレッグの人形が製造されていたどこかの段階でアメリカは日本へ箱(USプリント)を送り、そして日本は同じ箱を複製して’Made and printed in Japan’と書いたのではないかと考えています。


これらはアメリカからのリクエストだったのかもしれません。私にはこれらがとても日本的な視点からの改善に見えますが、たくさんの数の箱を調べたわけではありません。’Printed in Japan’で’折り線’の無い箱、補強テープが無い箱を知っているという方が居ましたらぜひ連絡をください。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。



My #1020 Allan/JAPAN-printed box/half-colored wrist tag/1964 booklet and sandals in plastic pack/USA mark on feet
1965 #1080 Midge/JAPAN-printed box/half-coloured wrist tag/1965 booklet in plastic pack/face cover
1965 #1080 Midge/JAPAN-printed box/half-coloured wrist tag/1965 booklet and shoes in plastic pack/face cover
left 1965 #1030 Skipper/JAPAN-printed box/half-coloured wrist tag/1965 booklet in plastic pack/face cover. right 1966 #1120 Skooter/JAPAN-printed box/half-coloured wrist tag/1966 booklet